100L Solar Water Heater Pressurized Tank

100L Solar Water Heater Pressurized Tank

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 70,000.00  13,650.00

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Tube Specification :

-Dimension & Quantity : ⌀58mm*1800mm-10 heat pipe
-Absorb area m² : 0.8
-Frame : Galvanized steel, 1.5mmmm thickness, 15°, 25°, 45° Angle
-Tank :
* Inner : SUS304-2B, 1.0-1.5mm thickness; Diameter : 380mm
* Outer : Galvanized steel, 0.32mm thickness; Diameter : 480mm
* Volume(L) : 100
-Loading Quantities :
* 20GP : 69
* 40HQ : 167

-Inner tank : Stainless steel 304-2B Or 316L
-Vacuum tubes with heat pipes : High borosilicate 3.3 Glass, Coating Cu/SS/Alu, Heat pipe 99.9% copper
-Outer shell : Stainless steel 202/304-BA/PVDF/Color steel
-Frame : SUS304/SUS202/Galvanized steel/Aluminum alloy
-Insulation : Polyurethane foam by Bayer
-Inlet/Outlet/air vent : SUS304
-Accessories : Silicon Seals, Tube holder, PT Valve, Non return valve

Working Principle :
The Vacuum tube absorb the solar e nergy and turn it into heat energy, aluminum fins pass the heat energy to the heat pipe, the liquid medium in the heat pipe is heated by the heat energy, then turns into t he gas medium, the gas medium flows up to the top of the heat pipe (condenser) and transfer the energy to the copper manifold header heat pipe. At the same time the gas medium turns into the liquid when cooled, then flows down. Keep recycling.

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